Sunday, April 29, 2007

A lost Child

A lost child with no heart or soul
lost inside a body that only wants to be loved
wish on every star that something would come up and
change the way of her/his world.
but still find it hard to speak of whats happened
in the dreams that are created in sleep overnight
everyone should have a home or a place they
call home, that's what this lost child says.
whats a dream without the sleep, but how can this child
sleep without a heart or soul.
throughout dreams are created from the heart and soul
every time the eyes open and all the lost one sees
is pain inside but not just in the mind but
also in the body
this child has been lost the mind to think cos
of all of the things that are going on around the home land,
but yet still finds time to love.
its a story told time after time
lost isn't so bad, the lost one says but i learned that
being lost, you can find a way out
so this lost child wasn't lost after all cos the love that
was given out came back in return and overcame
the forgotten and now lost is not lost but misunderstood.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Feelings

My feelings will over come my pain to say
that my love for you has grown stronger.
My heart will be untouched for your the
one that will touch the love inside.
the love will not have any limits for your
the shape that's been unwritten
My words have been written in your heart and so is my love
My body will not be touched for its
waiting for the love that's shines in your thoughts
My mind will be filled with joy for
the happiness in my life
My thoughts are without a doubt in
My Heart because its you that's running through my mind
My eyes will only see you as your
the dream that i sleep with
My emotions will over turn as for your the
truth behind this true man
My tears will not be of pain but the
loving that you bring to me
My life will never be the same for your the one
that's changed my heart and showed love to my heart so
welcome to My Feelings

Thoughts in My Heart

My love is miss understood and so is my heart, I love you with all my heart but
am feeling pain everytime i think about you.
am i going crazy or is it just feelings of true love.
you touched my heart or are you something that i meant to have
this is driving me crazy with every thought in my mind
because i know that i love you and your my kind
your my thoughts in my heart so am glad to say that am in love.
we been through so much and we still in love
am so happy that your the thoughts in my heart.

you say that am the only one that's right for you
and now i believe what your saying is true
love grows with every break down
so that's why i been wondering on how you could love me
but you love me because you know how i feel and
that i have never felt like this before
am the on that's right for you and soon you will see how much that is
because you will soon be my wife and those are the
Thoughts in my heart.