Sunday, April 20, 2008

Imagine The Feeling Of S.E.X

imagine our bodies together laying on the bed.... Naked is the word that comes to my mind....Kiss you slow while your mind is wild.... I will take my time as i touch your neck as i make my way around your bendy roads on your body as you touch my chest while am still working on your bendy body because i can not get lost and with every touch leads to your pleasure.
Imagine my sloft fingers touching and creating thoughts and feelings of s.e.x and with every touch your body cries for mine.... my time is up but its time for you to touch what your feeling next to you.
Imagine my lips playing with your body with some wiped cream... but remember mama said dont play with your food.. but tonight lets play together.. oh baby you know this is not food so let me hit your spot and make it wet beacuse am gonna make you sweat.... time for you to get the feeling of sex.
Imagine my candybar inbetween your mouth.. O baby i know you like the taste.. suck on it slow... keep me going until your ready for the test because tonight baby am gonna give you all my best.... so baby girl are you done with the candybar.
Imagine it hard baby sweet so time to change postions as i ride you with me on top giving you the ins and outs... making your whole body your saying the o's, yes and more baby O keep it right there.. change postions as you show me the rops... bounce on that bar baby make me moan and say your best as i crab on your sexy breasts... are you tried already baby beacuse its time to get back as i hit that from the back.. clappin that booty as am giving you the rights to shout out my name and telling me how you want it.. harder, deeper, faster oh wait am coming dont stop, dont stop baby ohh yes, yes, yes damn papi your the best.. as i stop and we both lay next to each other, kissing and talking about that was the best ever.
Imagine the feeling of sexy baby just Imagine. Imagine

I Dont Understand

I see you and me together holding hands walking down the beach but something tells me that i may not be the man you want because your moving out of my reach.
I am making my feelings clear but so are yours.
Is it me that you really want or are you trying to say that you cant be mine, day and night i think about you being my wifey but that's just a day dream.
i had a dream that me and you were together but as you can see that's just a dream cos we cant even stand each other.
why is it so hard to understand love when love is looking straight at you.
i know that if we try then we can do it as we go on and grow together with love but you don't understand my feelings because you never took time to look and see where my love was coming from.. Damn i better wake up before my heart breaks in this dream..
Love is a dream but only comes true once so lets all start seeing whats real and whats not
because dreaming love is not true love but feelings of what real love might be

Making Good Love

Turn the lights down low, feel the moment take control so baby i want you to take it slow.
now come here and let me feel on that sexy body oh we got all night baby so let the night take you to the stars.
Now baby i know your wondering on what's going on but its ok, i will take my time so let my abilities take control.
Its not even an accident that your clothes are on the flow and i know what your feeling and am gonna make it show.
Am gonna open up my account tonight and i may even get overdrawn as am taking it all out forsho.
I will accumulate all of your thoughts as i take you on a ride of your life, are you feeling whats going through my mind.
Let me open up the rage to your academy, i wanna take you across the stage as i take you on this advantage through my candy shop.
Do you want a bite of the special of the day today or should i give you the lollipop with sweet cream in the middle.
Let me take your mind through exterci and don't be afraid of my remedy, now put your back against my frame as i bulid up the flame, now the temperatures are razing and i know that your ambitious to feel your surroundings so let your animal antics take over.
Are you in that position to shut out my domination because tonight baby am not gonna confuse your emotions as i will double greater satisfactions as am MAKING GOOD LOVE

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lost In Love

Am So lost in your love, so deeply that i am happy to stay lost.
i have been searching for a root to your heart while there were so many roads to your love but only one way to your heart.
i looked to the left and right but never thought about going back, so i just put my foot forwards and looked in my heart and without a doubt i knew that this was the right choice.
Am so lost in your love that your lost in my mind
you have been there for a long time and without a sec you got the rights to be there. My love is lost in your heart and girl your the one that makes my heart go wild.
I have been so lost for so long that i don't even want any way out, but i never thought that i would ever get so lost in you like this.
you see i have found a point, a point that has no ending, a point that only keeps going and i don't want this point to ever end.
You have been in my mind for so long that when ever i try to look for something, you're always there.
i never thought that i would ever find this type of love, a love that a person can get lost in, a love that's true and beautiful.
Your the 1st person that i think of and your the last person that's on my mind last, that's why you so lost in my heart that mt thoughts are lost in your love.
Am so lost that your automatically the only person that i think about, you see sometimes i think that am lost in my own little world but then again my lost world wouldn't be lost without your lost love within me.
girl am so lost in your love that am genuinely happy to stay lost with it in my heart and baby you should be happy with your accomplishment cos you have made me see that am so deeply
Lost in Love with you.

My Love

Love is something that has no words
Love comes in so many different ways
Love doesn't grow on lies.
Love sometimes comes and goes.
My love for you is different, how different?
I don't know
My love for you has grown stronger, how strong?
I don't know
My Heart cries out your name every time you're
not with me, for how long?
I don't know
When my heartbeats it tells me that my love will never change
How many beats?
I don't know
The love i have for you is strong and precious, how long precious?
I don't know, but what i know is that
My love for you will keep growing until the end of time.

What Am I?

Am i a picture in a drawing book that is just there with no live of its on.
Am i a picture that's just there to be looked at as a drawing by a pen or pencil.
A picture that's been seen as a drawing, but yet looks dead.
What Am I?

Am i an image that's been thrown on TV by the cast of a playing script
Am i a scene waiting to be played on stage without the help of the director
What Am i?

Am i a show that's been waiting to be put on TV cos i don't have the right ratings
Am i the lost tape that never been played cos am not what they like now
Am i NOTHING but a pen that's running out of ink every time that i get used to write something on the paper.
What Am i?

Am i the bedtime story that got told at one night and then gets forgotten
Am i an act that's there only for to see cos i been written on a front page of a newspaper.
How Am I?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Hurts The Most

You told me that you loved me and you wanted to be with me and i told you the same and for that i gave you my heart and body.
Things were different and that made me see that i wanted to be with you
Life was bad from the start but got better as we both went on and grew.
A few tears came out unexpected but it was all turned around with a kiss and a smile and i told you that i would always be there for you and i did, but i made sure that i was always no matter the day or weather cos your love was all that i was looking for.
Talking on the phone all night just to make sure that your feeling great so that you wouldn't walk outta the door.
I never thought that i would ever feel like this again but you showed me that all things can happen and that's why i pushed on your buttons and to make things even better i made you my butter.
still for some reason things were still not good and then you done something that made me understand.
for all the love i gave i knew trust wasn't made and although i tried my best, the love i gave was lost.
sometimes u think that if i done things different then life would have been different, but i didn't cos the love that was inside was straight from the heart. how did i know that i loved you? from the moment when it hurt.
love hurts and so am i, even though i don't know what your going through but i got a feeling of it.
sometimes i think to myself why did my heart go for you, is it cos we been through the same things or cos your beautiful.
but it wasn't that cos now i know the reason why my heart was beating for and that's cos i loved you and wanted to the person inside and that all came out in one night when i was with you at a place that you didn't even want to go in the 1st place, and the tears you cried that night made me see that you cared and that i loved you more than what i knew and that hurts the most cos now i gotta let you go and it breaks my heart to know that the person that you love is not the one for you. only if i read the signs from the start. this is hurting me and it will keep on until my heart breaks into freedom and that's What Hurts The Most

I Never Knew

One day i had a dream that some day things would be different, but my hole world shifted with just one thought.
Its not good living a lie, cos i trust myself to show trust to whom the trusts is from and one day i knew that having you next to me wasn't right.
my mind went blank to what happened through the months, with the way things started i knew that i will end up loving you but i never knew that loving you would hurt so badly and the most hurtful thing was that you didn't trust me even through i tried to give you my trust and to know that i even fought for your trust, but i didn't know that it was gonna be a fight and that they would only be one winner, YOU.
everyday i gave you reasons to trust me but it was so hard cos of the thoughts that were running through your head and mind.
your mind kept on confusing you with sine different person, a person that i wasn't, but all i wanted was for you to understand that i wasn't that man that brought so much fever between your heart.
i never knew that a heart could confuse itself with something that's not there or real and its really painful to know that the woman you thought was your dream girl wasn't a dream at all but a nightmare.
the tears of happiness came out but not for long to see the tears of a broken heart, although a future was created with both hearts but i got one question, why does it hurt so much and how comes there is only one heart left feeling the pain going on and on?
i never thought that a nightmare would came to me like this, but it did and am left in the shadows of a heart without trust.
its hard to think on what your doing but am here having flash backs on how things were even though things were said and love was written in the hearts, there is one thing that was never there and wasn't tried cos of the way things were, you should have known that everything has a meaning and my meaning was to love you and you to give trust in me. love don't work without trust and i worked it out with a broken heart.
you see i Never Knew

Sunday, April 29, 2007

A lost Child

A lost child with no heart or soul
lost inside a body that only wants to be loved
wish on every star that something would come up and
change the way of her/his world.
but still find it hard to speak of whats happened
in the dreams that are created in sleep overnight
everyone should have a home or a place they
call home, that's what this lost child says.
whats a dream without the sleep, but how can this child
sleep without a heart or soul.
throughout dreams are created from the heart and soul
every time the eyes open and all the lost one sees
is pain inside but not just in the mind but
also in the body
this child has been lost the mind to think cos
of all of the things that are going on around the home land,
but yet still finds time to love.
its a story told time after time
lost isn't so bad, the lost one says but i learned that
being lost, you can find a way out
so this lost child wasn't lost after all cos the love that
was given out came back in return and overcame
the forgotten and now lost is not lost but misunderstood.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Feelings

My feelings will over come my pain to say
that my love for you has grown stronger.
My heart will be untouched for your the
one that will touch the love inside.
the love will not have any limits for your
the shape that's been unwritten
My words have been written in your heart and so is my love
My body will not be touched for its
waiting for the love that's shines in your thoughts
My mind will be filled with joy for
the happiness in my life
My thoughts are without a doubt in
My Heart because its you that's running through my mind
My eyes will only see you as your
the dream that i sleep with
My emotions will over turn as for your the
truth behind this true man
My tears will not be of pain but the
loving that you bring to me
My life will never be the same for your the one
that's changed my heart and showed love to my heart so
welcome to My Feelings

Thoughts in My Heart

My love is miss understood and so is my heart, I love you with all my heart but
am feeling pain everytime i think about you.
am i going crazy or is it just feelings of true love.
you touched my heart or are you something that i meant to have
this is driving me crazy with every thought in my mind
because i know that i love you and your my kind
your my thoughts in my heart so am glad to say that am in love.
we been through so much and we still in love
am so happy that your the thoughts in my heart.

you say that am the only one that's right for you
and now i believe what your saying is true
love grows with every break down
so that's why i been wondering on how you could love me
but you love me because you know how i feel and
that i have never felt like this before
am the on that's right for you and soon you will see how much that is
because you will soon be my wife and those are the
Thoughts in my heart.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dreaming pt 2

Should i start to dream on how my life should take place or on how to improve it.
i know that dreams are there for a reason and here to make us see that we can all look at things in a different way. but why have dreams in the first place when you know that dreams sometimes don't happen for the people that believe in them.
from time to time we all dream of the some things so should that be a point that makes us see that we can all become one or a point to believe that we are all the same.
that's the side of dreaming that is different, but what am saying is true when we all have different opine
another side of dreaming is a side that you never get to see.
a side that shows different types of life styles, a style that some people think or believe is happening in life, but then again it is right to dream cos that helps you and gives so many different ways on how your life is gonna go or should go but then again dreaming is dreaming so lets all start dreaming.

Lost For Words

I love you with all of my heart but i cant stay or stand here and feel like shit.
am feeling so hurt even though you say that you love me, sometimes it doesn't look like that to me.
I been through so much pain and i cant just hold what am feeling in my mind. i guess that one time we all get things wrong, but who am i just to say that everything is Wrong.
what type of words does one say when its all coming to an end?
you see am lost for words and my love is going the same way and i think that things are going to end
what does one say when everything is going wrong to end through his eyes because i feel that i am not what you really want and i think that this love is going to end and
Am Lost For Words.
what type of love does one say to the love that's not the same?

My Love For You

Love is something that has no words, Love comes in so many different ways, Love doesnt grow on something just like that, Love sometimes comes and goes.
My love for you is different, how different?
i dont know.
My love for you has grown stronger, how strong?
i dont know.
My heart cries out your name everytime your not with me, for how long?
i dont know
When my heartbeats, it tells me that my love will never change,
how many beats?
i dont know.
The love i have for you is strong and precious, how precious?
i dont know. but what i know is that
My love for you will keep going until the very end.


Dreams are for everyone
Dreams are to be dreamed
Dreams are to be fer filled
Dreams are forever big
Dreams are sometimes true
Do dreams really come true?
Dreams can sometimes hurt
Dreams can sometimes make us happy
Dreams can sometimes be sad
Dreams can come and go
Do dreams lie?
Dreams are there for a reason
Dreams are there to be made
Dreams can make us stronger
Dreams can make us believe
My dream is to be with you

My Desire

My desire is to hold you close to me like the way i hold my teddy bear at night.
My desire is to love you like the way i love looking at you when you come home to me.
My desire is to be with you and spend my life time with you like the way my mother did when i was young and still trying to look after me now.
My desire is to miss you like the way i miss my father when he went up to god.
My desire is to stand by you like the way my friends to when i done wrong A.D.K famo.
My desire is to make you and keep you as my wife like the way I'm going to keep this D.E.S.I.R.E

Sides Of Love

There so many sides of love so i thought to share the ones that i know and have done or seen
There is a side of love
a side that's so strong and beautiful, a side filled with fun and laughter.
Have you ever thought on what type of love you have with a person you love or a person who is just a friend?
There is an other side of love
a side which is bad and painful, a side that hurts when you do wrong
Have you ever loved someone so badly that it hurts to see them down or upset. have you ever thought of what type of pain your bringing to that person you love or feel strong about?
try and find out how you feel about someone be for making a move cos love hurts when its not right so there so many sides of love but for now these are the sides that i found in L.O.V.E

Friday, February 16, 2007

( I ) When She Left

I looked up wondering why is she gone
I looked up seeing her face telling me the story
I looked up wondering how it could have been
I Cried out for her name to be found
I Cried out for our love to be born
I Cried for our lives to be true
I Cried out for her voice to be called
I Cried out for her heart to be mine
I demanded for her love
I demanded for my star
I daydreamed that from now on we are never to be
I sat down wondering how comes
I sat down looking at her ways
I sat down seeing the end
I sat down listing to her goodbyes
I sat down wondering why am i in this pain
I sat down thinking how could i love her
I sat down dreaming on how i could love anyone like her
I sat down
I sat down
and I sat down


Life is a story to be told, a story that's been left to the letters.
its a journey that takes place in the mind but not the body, living life without life is unknown.
A book has a beginning and so does life, litters from A-Z have a start and so does life, but numbers have starts but do they have an end, well that is still an ongoing story.
so does that mean that life is unbreakable.
No, life will go on until the time is right for it to be free.
life is like numbers, wait'' life is a number, its confusing i know.
but lets not be confused with it because we have so much to learn, we're all trying to understand but whats there to understand without the understanding of life?
its been proven that life can be taken and that life can be given.
life is an ongoing system, a system that wont end because life is endless.
life is life, but what is it that makes life?
that one thing that we all try to find

Without My Baby

I have seen so many things and broken some hearts yet still mine is empty, running around feeling like a chicken straight from the head into the body, cant make a change
Without My Baby
Listening to slow jams wishing that she was here with me, praying to see her but i know that me and her wasn't meant to be. know one knows how it started but me and her know how it finished.
Without My Baby
Some how man Dem think that they cant fall in love, but we all know that's a lie because anyone can fall in love, and to me no one knows what love is.
Without My Baby
stories got lost along the way but another began, looking deep inside and a thought was found. Nobody knows the way through the stars.
hearts get broken but yours remain the same. who are you to say that you're not feeling this pain?
Without My Baby
Where does it all end, when there is no hate?
how can we change without the strain?
its not possible but probable, don't hate the life that you're living.
Listen and never forget
Without My Baby

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Sex wet drip hot sex... bodies becoming one legs splits
imagine this night as a sex free night..... am gonna do your all body right
my bed is been dreaming of this day... when you and my body cries sex.
Sex is on my mind as am looking deep into your eyes...licking my lips.. giving you signs..lights turned creating the mood.
Sex wet drip hot sex... bodies becoming one legs splits

Now its time for you to taste my hot wet lips... kissing our way to the bed
over and over our bodies getting wet.. are you feeling my soft touch on your breast... licking and sucking on your chest... my hands slowly gliding down your neck.
Sex wet drip hot sex... bodies becoming one legs splits

Eye to eye we both get undressed.. now we both naked.. eye to eye.. hands touching everywhere.. now its time for some action.. guarantee to make Satisfaction..
Sex wet drip hot sex... bodies becoming one legs splits

Now am on top legs opened... time for you to get what you been waiting for... yes.. more that's what your saying... more is what your getting... yes we both change positions for you to shout and call my name... am not trying to create back that booty up and shake it.
Sex wet drip hot sex... bodies becoming one legs splits

We both tried after a few hours of dreaming... wake up as we both naked.. bodies becoming one and whats on my mind is Sex
Sex wet drip hot sex... bodies becoming one legs splits


My life is nothing but a dream, a dream that i can't forget and my life is dangerous in everyday.
dreaming can kill you and it can create your life, its a painful thing to know that you can't dream but yet feel like dreaming.
Am i nothing but a dream created for the bed at night, nothing but water running allday but feels like dry.
i was dreaming at some point in this poem because am so lost in the dreamland that i became a dream myself.
left there for someone else to dream and create an image through there eyes.
sometimes my eyes need to be opened and shown the way of life and not through a dream cos
in a dream i could be anything, anything like anything and do anything.
dreams are dreams but dreams tell us about the person inside. the person that has been locked away in a place where the only way possible to get to that person is by dreaming.
i need to stop dreaming and start living, but how can you do that without dreams, well that's cos you can't. life is about learning new things and dreaming is gonna be with us until the end cos without dreams we all wouldn't know where we would end up doing.
Dreams are there to be made so start dreaming

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Queen

Your my Queen and my girlfriend that makes a differencess in my life.
you came and put a smile on my face and everytime am sad and all i got to do is think of you. your my heartbeat and without you my all life would have changed.

This is my love writing in this poem and if i was to write a story about anything, it would be about how you have changed my life and out something there that can make me belive that am not alone.

Your my breath of air so without you i wouldn't be standing so tall and look at life in a different way.
your my mind that thinks and without you i would'nt be holding whatam feeling in my heart down or show what's really on my mind to you.

This is not the way a dreament on how my life should be but am gald that is happened tp me cos this way i can look at my self and see how happy i am.

Your my sunshine and without you my life would'nt be so bright, your my moonlight that helps me in the dark when there is no light.
your my Diamond un the raff that i found and dont to lose.

This is the way i feel and i want to show you that i do love you in so many different ways. so let me give you my heart and you take it and make it your own cos girl everyday is about you.

Your my blood that runs through my body and without you i would'nt have that love that's in my heart for you
Your my bed that i sleep in and i know without it i wont be able to dream about you when am not with you.
Your that friend of mine that keeps me on the right track and shows me the right way when i done wrong.
but most of all your everything that i think of and have that mind i know that i can think on more ways on how to make you happy and love you and thats why your My Queeen


There is pain in my eyes everytime i open them, but the can't seem to go away.
There is pain in my mind everytime i think about you and the pain can't hold it's shape.
There is in my legs everytime i walk to your house, the pain can't move cos it's holding me down.
There is pain in my arm eveytime i try to hold you next to me, the pain can't shift cos its too hard.
There is pain in my lips everytime i try to kiss you, the pain can't move cos it comes and go, but baby the apin that is killing me most is that we were never ment to be so i think that it's better that we stay separated.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I was two when he got taken away from me And now I feel so stranded. Sitting their just feel like crying But I know deep down he is watching Over and over I feel so lost, trying to find the out through this life That I am living and still I feel lost. How do you start a life without happiness? When all of your life had so much sadness Yet still I feel so unsettled with the way my life is going No matter what I try to do, I can't change where this life is going Even though I got my mum here with me there are still something Missing and with the way things are going I know that the truth Lies deep within me. I always try to look upon the sky trying to see if that face that's Always on my mind to show me the way Deep down I know that where ever I am or go, his there and What ever am doing he is helping me throughout this long living life Yet again I still wish that I was young again Just to see that face that's always on my mind. All of the tears that I cry sometimes just because he is on my mind And every single day I dream that I was with him right now Even though he is up there, he still got a part of him in me right now This is gonna last until the end of time because my love for you dad is endless.

Don't Change

Should I be judged for the writings that are on my skin? Let alone my mind. Should I be raped of my soul because? Of the differences between white and black. Why cant I be the profess and create this world In a way that we could all be the same. If this world was created equal then why are They're so much equitation? Should one be threaten because he was born differently? We move into this world, that we created but never realised That it was created for us, even if the past is past This colour of mine will never die. Stay true to who your and don't try and change for someone Else Skin, race, and nationality we are all the same Created by one

Don't Change

Lost Loving

Am so unsettled with the way things are going
There is something in my life that's not showing.
Am I just dreaming while am not sleeping.
Why am I thinking this way, is it cos you told me to go the other way?
You told me that you would always be there but
When I try to say what's on my missing you give me air.
I told you that I was a different man but what's different is you
Love was there from the first time my eyes were on you
I knew that my heart will only beat for you even though
We had a bad start crying all the night but I told myself
That once you was in my life that I wouldn't let you go.
You're in my thoughts without me thinking
I didn't plan this life to be like this but its gotta change
Cos I can't be doing this, I don't think you know how feel
About all of what happened while we were together.
You broke my heart in two but that still doesn't Change the way I feel about you.
Why does love hurt so much when your in love Is it cos it hurts cos the love is true or
Is it cos love is not really love but juts feelings that are not really there
Day after day I think about you and I do try to get you
Out of my heart, but I can't seem to find a way even though
It should be easy cos am all the way on the other side.
But it doesn't work. I don't want to make you cry but am just
Telling you how I feel and I know that their might an other man in your life, But this is hurting me.
I remember that someone told me that when you find true love in your life
That you shouldn't let that love go, but it seems to me that I gotta give this love freedom.
Am sorry that I never gave you a better reason to trust me than giving you
My heart

Am sorry that I didn't give you everything that you wanted apart from
My heart.
Am sorry for this poem as am sorry for loving you.

You, You and You

Your my angel, My world, My life, My mind, Your eveything to me
You make me wanna run miles and cry for your love
your more than a man could ever ask for, but your what am asking for.
dreams or lies, but to me your a dream come true
never thought that my heart would change, but you have showed me that love can make you do creazy things.
your the point of all of this.
baby gyal i want to give you more and i wanna share my life with you
your my other half that i haven't lost but looked hard for
i have so much to say, the day i see you face to face
i will give you more.
i wanna give you all of the time that i have left on this earth and with every tear will come loving and with every sadness will come happeness.
as a word they is never been a man who wants you as much as i want you.
my thoughts are endless and with my love going in toodeep, deeper than the earth, your the air that i breath, your the sky in my planet, kissing you was a dream come true and making love to you is gonna be a stroy to never forget because your the one gyal thats driving me creazy, making me do unwanted things. from the 1st time i saw you everything has been about you cos AM IN LOVE WITH YOU


Life is a story left to be told without the end,
throughout years and months, its been left to that one person who created it
pain has it's shares in life and so does love, but
where does all this lead us?
yes life has somethings missing, like a missing tear from a love that just finished. straight from the heart and soul.
well we all try so hard to find what's really missing in our lives, but yet we all dont stop and think as we all get hurt so many times and we all hurt other in the way.
But really what's missing in our lives is us.
its our bodies and souls, our minds and hearts.
dont you think that is what is missing in our own hearts, let alone someone else's heart
everything is missing
missing hair, missing neals, missing everything

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What Should I Do?

For you
I would run a mile
If that would give me a chance
To see you smile.

I'd call you my best friend.
But that's a lie.
You mean so much more to me
But 1 can't explain why.

For you are more precious to me
Than all the gold in the world.
But I can't tell you that
How can I be that bold?

If I spoke what's on my mind
Would you accept me?
Because without you
I don't know where I'd be

You seem to be calm
While I feel so lost
I would like to be so bold,
But what would its failure cost

Am I the only one faced with this choice?
To be daring and risk losing you as a best friend too
I can't risk that; I'd rather have that than lose everything
What should I do?